Sunday, May 31, 2009

So I had a baseball game the other day. We are currently like 3-7-1 heading in to the playoffs in about 2 weeks.

Just to put this in prospective I play 2nd base, starting 2nd base. I havnt played baseball in my life. That's how bad my team is. We lost 2 of our pitchers due to a suspension and to a injury so were in pretty bad shape.

So in our last game we were leading going into the 6th inning. We only play 7 innings unless there is a tie, in that case we will go into extra innings. They score 2 runs in the 6th and now the score is tied 8 to 8, they then call the game due to the ump not being able to see the ball after he takes of his mask and accidentally steps on his glasses.

We are now out of the playoff race. It was our last game and it was called because the ump "fd" up, we only needed 1 more win.

- Mr.Philly583620

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